Meet the Circus

Welcome to our blog, we are glad you’re here!

History of the Blog:  
We started this blog (October of 2011) as a way to share theme days with friends. We still do a monthly theme day and share it on the blog but the blog has really become more of a way for us to keep in touch with one another. We have always been really close and have done a lot together but now live over 1000 miles from each other. This blog is a fun way for us to share one of our most important roles as moms with each other and with you!

Our blog schedule: 
Well, right now...we don't have one. We both feel our family needs to be first. Blogging is our hobby....our families are our life!  We blog when we have something meaningful to share.

Holly and Heather
We are the two behind this blog.  We are twin sisters who both: 
~Graduated with our Bachelor's Degree in Dental Hygiene
~ Married our best friends in 2008...yep, the same year
~ LOVE being moms...even though it's crazy at times

Holly is expecting baby #3 soon...this will be her third boy!! She is a busy mommy to 3 handsome boys and is enjoying the Midwest where her husband is busy with medical school.

A few things Holly enjoys:
~ Blue...anything blue
~ Sports
~Sales and getting a good deal

Heather has 3 adorable kids...1 boy and 2 girls, her husband is in school working on his MBA.

A few things Heather enjoys:
~ The color lavender
~ Anything with BBQ sauce on it
~ Fruit smoothies and ice cream
~ Digital scrapbooking and design
~ Organizing and reorganizing (just ask my husband)
~ Running (I just ran my first half marathon)
~ Gardening


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