Refilling Used Swifter Wet Jet Bottles

I absolutely love my Swifter mop! I have a hard time paying for new spray because it is expensive and so I ration out the spray only spraying minimal amounts as I clean.  I had a friend tell me you could remove the sealed lids by simply boiling them in hot water. I gave it a try and after only 30 seconds of boiling the lid it popped right off. Genius!!! I now don't feel like I have to ration the spray as I clean.  I refill my bottles with water and a concentrated version of my favorite cleaner.

I have done this a few times. The first time the lid popped off as I was boiling it, the second time I boiled it for about 30 seconds and then used a towel to twist the lid off. 


If You Give a Dog a Donut Theme Day

We did another fun theme day with one of Laura Numeroff's books.

In the book this dog has a lot of fun, he:
Eats donuts with apple juice,
picks apples, 
plays baseball, 
does a happy dance, 
has a water fight, 
pretends to be a pirate and goes on a treasure hunt
and makes and flies a kite. 

I made donuts the night before we did theme days because it was my first time making them and I knew it would take a lot of time. I had the kids help me with the dough and then fried them after they had gone to bed.  I used this recipe, they turned out pretty good!

The next morning/afternoon we read the book together. 

At the end of the book I hide a piece of paper with the following note and we started our own treasure hunt.

If you would like to use these clues simply right click and save them to your computer, then print them out. 

Here is where I hid the clues:
1- Back of Book
2- Hand it to kids when they are ready to start.
3- Front Door
4- Swing/Swing-Set
5- Garden
6- Bike
7- Flowers
8- Treasure Chest

 Our treasure chest was just a baby wipe container wrapped in gold paper. It was hiding in our flower bed. 

Inside the treasure box was....you guessed it-DONUTS!

After the kids finished eating their donuts and drinking their apple juice we played baseball

and flew a kite. 


Age Appropriate Jobs for Children

I believe it is important to teach our children how to work. I have been told to teach the value of work to my kids when they are young.  I have tried a few different things with my kids and wanted to put together a list of age appropriate jobs.  I know that every child is capable of different things so this is a pretty general list mostly to help me know how to involve my kids in the future. 

Toddler Age (18 month- 2 Years)
Pick up toys
Put dirty clothes in hamper
Throw away trash
Help make bed or put stuffed animals/dolls on bed
Put away clothes 
Help set and clear table (items that won't break)
Vacuum up small messes (Great with hand vac)
Wipe up own spills

Preschool Age (3 - 5 Years)
Wash mirrors and windows with cleaner and towel
Rinse dish when done eating and put in dishwasher
Unload dishwasher
Sweep small areas
Vacuum small areas
Wash spots on walls or floor
Dust with cloth
Put Books on shelf
Make bed (pull covers up)
Put away shoes
Hang up coat and bags
Water plants
Fold small laundry items (dish towels)

Grade School Age (5-10 Years)
Make bed
Empty trash
Wipe table
Wash walls
Fold laundry (bigger items like shirts, pants, towels)
Put away laundry

What other jobs are good for young children? How do you help teach your children the value of work?


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