Theme Week #14: Valentines Stuff!

Ready or not February is here!!  This week we did some fun Valentine things with the kids and also worked on putting together some fun Valentine's for the kiddos and loved ones!  Click on the links below to view the post.

Valentine Décor Ideas!

I never have the heart to throw away roses when I receive them….I don’t know if it’s because I know they are so pricey or because I want to remember them forever. Kinda weird, I KNOW! But if you are like me then maybe you will like some of these ideas.
I always hang my roses to dry once they have died. I usually do this by weaving them through the blinds upside down! ; ) Some times I use a clip hanger to let them dry upside down as well. After a few days when they have dried out I’ll spray them with some light hair spray to keep the petals in place. Then I put them in a vase for display.

This is currently where I keep them…the corner of the kitchen! ; )

I took the stem off of some of the roses to make this heart shaped wreath. You can buy the wreath already made and then just hot glue the roses onto it. I've had to take a few from my stash above as some of the flowers need replacing. I've had this one pictured below for over 5 years! ; )

We don’t have a ton of room for storage in our apartment SO I’m all about reusing decorations if possible. Below is a flower arrangement I have used in the past.

When the holiday changes I use the same vase, but switch it up a little bit by using a new piece of scrapbook paper inside. Below is the one I’m using for Valentines day!

Here it is all completed! My mom taught us how to make kiss roses when we were younger. So Heather and I still love to make them when Valentines rolls around. One year, back when my husband and I were still dating I used these roses to write out the words “ I LOVE YOU” in the snow! My now husband loved it!

For Valentines this year I used my regular winter wreath decorations, but just added a little bit of color by twisting in some red, white, and pink heart shaped wood cut-outs. They have wire on the back which makes it SO EASY!!

I did the same thing on my garland below!

These next two pictures are pictures of some fun crafty things made from scrapbook paper and embellishments. You can find similar things at most craft stores!
Happy February and have fun decorating!!

Heart Shaped Crayons!

This was a very fun activity! My little boys favorite thing was taking all of the wrappers off of the crayons! : )

STEP 1: Gather old broken crayons!
Step 2: Take all the paper off of the crayons!

Step 3: Break Crayons into small pieces…the kids will love this part too. Place into heat resistant mold.

Step 4: Melt crayons at low temp in the oven. Once cooled pop out and enjoy.
Next time we will not use the black crayons! Just a little black is very overpowering!
Also stick with the Crayola Brand for best results. ; )


14 Days of Valentines for the Kids

I did the 12 days of Christmas for my husband in December by giving him a candy bar with a saying to go along with it each day. My husband liked and appreciated it but my little boy LOVED it...he loved hiding the candy bars. I decided that I would do something fun for my little boy for Valentines day, this is what I came up with:

I actually did 15 different things so that I could throw in an extra in unexpectedly one of the days. I plan to leave one valentine gift out for my little boy every day starting on February 1st until Valentines day (February 14)!

Here are all the days individually:
I originally wanted to do chocolate coins but ended up doing real coins for him to put in his  piggy bank (I did $2 worth then we counted it together)
This is a flashlight on a lanyard 
Animal Crackers
I did suckers but you could do anything sweet.
Anything Chocolate
Apple or Apple Juice
Bubbles or you could do balloons 
Teddy Grahams or you could us gummy bears, cinnamon bears or a stuffed animal
Swedish Fish you could also use fish crackers, fishing net or toy
Goldfish crackers
Ball or you could do gumballs
Toy Car
Lucky Charms
If you would like to use these tags I've created feel free to do so. You can right click on the image, save it to your computer and then paste it into a document and size to preference, print and enjoy!

I uploaded each tag individually so you can print them out all together and do the 14 days of Valentines for your kids or simply pick your favorite and use lots of one for your kids or their friends.

You can also download all of the tags in one download here.

Happy Valentines Day!

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14 days of Valentine's Day!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to click here to learn more about us and why we blog!

I made these tags for my husband.  Starting February 1st I gave him one each day leading up to Valentine's Day!  He totally loved it.  These are a few of his favorites so they are customized for him.  Feel free to use any of these ideas.  I hope they work for your loved one, If not I've added some blank tags at the bottom so you can make up your own!

Here are pictures of the finished project up close.  You can be creative and use the sayings to go with different goodies as well!

If you want to use these tags then go ahead!  I've done all the work, mine as well share! : ) Just copy them into a document and size to preference.  Print & Enjoy!  Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some blank tags, so you can customize your own!

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