Cardboard Barn

We made this Farm out of a big cardboard box and 2 small boxes broken down for the roof. I didn't take any pictures of us making it but here is a breakdown if you want to make your own.

1- Take your big box and paint it red (We painted it after we tapped it and it didn't work as well)
2- Tape the bottom and top flaps so they stick up (This makes it taller)
3- Now you are going to break down two smaller boxes and form the roof
~This was difficult but we found if we used the flaps of the smaller boxes for the base of the roof it was easier...i would just do what works for you. (We put a towel over the cardboard loft to make it look like hay instead of cardboard, we also made it so we could take the loft off and the kids could stand if they wanted.)
4- Cut a door in the big box (We added handles with string too)
5- Add white paper to the top of the barn to look like shingles and on the door to help it look more like a barn.
6- We topped off the barn by adding a sign with leftover cardboard and string (You can secure the sign by poking a little hole in the box and threading the string through it and then tying a knot on the inside of the barn...we did the same thing for the barn handles)

Our Cardboard Barn

My little guy loved putting all of his farm animals in the loft and parking his John Deere Tractors in the bottom. We had a few more white cardboard boxes and so we made a fence to go around the barn too!


  1. Cute! I have two boys 2 and 3. They would love this! Oh, and one of my boys even has a John Deere room. They are "country boys". I love the loft that you made. I'm sure they'd like putting animals or hay up there!

  2. That is a great job - looks like the kids enjoyed themselves.



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