Rainbow Pinwheel Game with Tutorial

I made this super simple pinwheel game for my little guy to help him learn his colors! He loves games and so I thought he would respond to it well...he did! Here is a little tutorial so you can make one too...if you want :)

You will need:
1 piece of each color paper (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple)
Glue or double sided tape
18 clothes pins

1-I cut out a half circle from each piece of paper using a dinner plate for my pattern
2-Then I stacked the paper like the photo below tucking half of the paper below another colored paper
example: the green paper would be placed over the purple with half of it under the blue
3- I then secured the paper by putting double sided sticky tape under each piece of paper
4- I laminated the finished pinwheel so it would last longer...this is optional
5- I then cut out little strips of paper and tapped them to clothespins (I did 3 of each color)

This is what the final product should look like:

This stored perfectly in a Freezer bag!

My little guy loved this game...we have played it multiple times a day for over a week. At first he struggled with being able to open the clothes pines by himself but when I showed him how to open them (like an alligator) he got it!

We started out playing the game by matching the clothes pins to the pinwheel and then we started to look for other things in the room that matched the clothes pin. We ended up finding something in the room to match each color and stuck the clothes pins to the items we found.

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