Picnic Quilt

I have spent the past month working on this quilt. Yes, I did say the past month.  I followed along with Rachel over at Family Ever After. If you are into sewing you will love her blog.  The picture below shows how she broke the project up. 
Being a mom I find it hard to do projects I enjoy...ya know like sew, scrapbook, ect. I loved the way she broke the project up...she put a couple hours aside on a certain day of the week for a full month. My quilt is now finished instead of shoved into a closet waiting to be finished..yeah!!

This quilt is a simple picnic blanket made from old jeans and a bed sheet from college.  

This is the first quilt that I have actually done binding on...It was pretty easy.  I followed a video and did it all by machine. You can find the video I followed here. (I used an old denim dress for my binding material.)

Here is what the finished binding looks like. 

When I finished the blanket the kids were just getting up from naps. I held it up for my little boy to see and said "Yeah, I finished sewing my quilt!"  He looked at me and got really excited and said "Woohoo, we can go on a blanket ride." Glad he was excited as me!

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  1. yay!!! oh my goodness, this is so so cute! you even finished before me, hahaha. great work! LOVE it so much! what a keepsake :)



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