Living Room Decor Ideas!

My family and I just moved, we left our family and friends to start medical school and have an adventure in the mid-west! ; )  We have been in our new apartment for about a month.  Now that I am unpacked and settled I'm feeling ready to DECORATE (and blog again...thanks Heather for picking up my slack)!!!  So just in case any of you are wanting to decorate or redecorate i'll share what I have found!

To start off....yesterday I took out the garbage and found an old window sitting next to the trash bin! I was so excited and wondered who was getting rid of such a treasure, needless to say I snatched it up.  That's what started the whole DECORATING excitement.  Here is a picture I found online of what I plan to do with it....when I finish it, i'll post it as well.

Ann Beck Photography shares different ways to organize a photo gallery.  This will be helpful to prevent excess nail holes in our walls. ; )

This idea is so cleaver...I would love to dress the  clipboards up with scrapbook paper and ribbon!  Switching out the pictures would be a cinch.  Image from Ashley Ann Photography.

Better Homes shares this project, It's just fabric stapled unto different sized canvas.  It would be so easy to switch the fabric for different seasons and very affordable.

The Creative Crate has some really awesome ideas for decorating, These are 2 of my favorites that I may use in my living room.

I LOVE the idea of hanging photos from a curtain rod.  My neighbor before we moved is the one who gave me the idea.  I don't have any pictures of her cute living room, but I found two similar ideas.  One is from Country Girl Home and another from JZ .  

I love the idea of Bright colors on the wall like this from Small Chic Home.

Oh where should I start with CANVAS.... I'm pretty sure I could do an entire separate post on canvas!  So much FUN!

Treasury of memories shares how to make this:

Adam Hommerding Photography has samples of two layouts I REALLY like, for hanging canvas.

Thanks to Pinterest....here are a few other ideas for hanging canvas! ; )  The possibilities are endless!

Time to get started, lets go make this house a home! ; )


  1. Where in the mid-west did you move. Just wondering if you are anywhere close to us. We are in Missouri! Erin

  2. I am loving all these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous9/26/2012

    How do u do the one with the old window?

  4. I'm almost with the window I found, I'll be posting pictures in the next week! ; )
    It's not the exact same, but the general idea is similar.

  5. Almost done* that is. : )

  6. Very nice! Your ideas are lovely!Photographs brings you to memory lane and so nice to have them displayed and you are really really creative! Thanks for sharing !

  7. Thanks for sharing these nice and lovely ideas for home decoration.



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