Baskets to Help Organize!

Here is a little trick I tried to help keep my house organized. I have been using baskets like these forever but just not this way. In the past I used them to file papers or hold toys. Now I use them sitting on the side as well. I still have a few that hold toys and one that holds all of the baby blankets rolled up in it next to the crib but all the rest are on the side to help keep me organized and utilize space. 


Here is a picture of the way I use the baskets in my laundry closet!
Just in case you are wondering the hanging basket to the right holds all of my socks that are still waiting for a match to magically appear! ; ) The tin below acts as a mini garbage for the dryer lint.
I also use them this way on my cleaning shelf to hold all my cleaning stuff. There are others on the closet floor in my boys room that act as shelves for his toys!
I like to use little baskets like this to organize snacks in the fridge!  I have similar ones in my bathroom drawers and in the study!

MY TOY STORAGE BOX IS MY SAVING GRACE!  This is in the living room, and all though the box itself is less than organized…it REALLY helps to keep the house clutter free.
I also like to use shorter storage boxes that fit under the beds for things we don’t use very often!
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  1. I've used those milk crates on their sides for years. I stack a few on top of each other in my closet and keep folded jeans, tshirts, and sweaters in them. I think they are so much easier to get at and keep organized that way than a regular dresser.



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