Theme Week 15: Organization

This ended up being more of an us (moms) thing but we involved the kids too.  Here is what we did for Theme Week #15! You can click on the links below to read more or simply scroll down...the posts are listed in order. 

Organized the Toys (The kids helped with this one!)

Have fun getting organized and having your little ones help!

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  1. Here's what we've done for our Valentine mailboxes. You can decorate one for each member of the family and when then flag is up, they have mail! There's a note and/or treat in there for each day of February counting down to Valentine's Day. My Mother-in-law found the small mailboxes for a dollar each in the Target dollar section. They modge podged (sp?) cute valentine paper all over their boxes and used their cricut and put everyone's names on them. We will just cut out things with construction paper and put valentine stickers on ours. Oh and my sister-in-law even found old candle sticks at the second-hand store, painted them, and put the mailbox on them for different heights.



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