Organizing Toys

 We got this fun Fisher Price Little People Talking Animal Zoo for Christmas.  It has been the funnest toy although  it has lots of different animals and we were having a hard time keeping them picked up.  I found the perfect solution!

I bought a small plastic bin, cut out the labels and different animals from the box it came in and put this together. (The box didn't have all the animals so I created my own from pictures found online and then tapped them to the outside of the bin) This is what it looks like:
My little guy loves matching the animals to the tag and making sure he has them all in the bin...cleaning up is fun now:)

They also love to pretend the lid is the water.

We ended up using these bins for lots of their toys then we stacked them in the top of the closet so I have to get them down for the kids (less mess).   I keep one out and rotate them as needed. 

I love getting things organized, especially when it works well for the kids too. 

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