Crafting/Sewing Tag Printables

I created these simple tags to attach to shoe box bins to help organize all my crafting items.  We live in a small home with very little room for all my crafting/sewing needs...okay more like wants.  I kept everything in 1 bin and in the upper right side of a closet.  It was a tight spot for a growing collection of stuff and it was getting difficult to find things so I decided it was time to organize things.  

Lovely Before and After shot (everything still pictured in After shot)

Here is a close up of how I organized my ribbon, it used to be in a shoe box.  I like this lots more!

Here are the tags so you can use them too...if you want! I left the tags single so you can print what you want verses having to print them all.  Simply save the image you want to your computer and then copy and paste it into a document and adjust the size to preference. (I printed 3 to a page and the size was perfect) You can also download all of the tags at one time by clicking here.

The  ribbon, thread, and frame were purchased from the Shabby Shop Blossom Collection and the font is Fontmoochers Regular from Kevin and Amanda.

Hope you can use these too! It feels so good to get things organized:)  

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