My Kiddos Blankets

I have a tradition of making a special blanket for each of my kids when they are born.  I made the blankets small enough to be a baby blanket yet big enough to be comforters for their toddler beds.

  I made this for my little boy and it has become his favorite blanket...I love that he loves it so much.
His is a simple rag quilt - the only kind of quilt I knew how to do at the time:)
Outdoor/Fishing Theme

My little guy with his blanket!

I also made this special blanket for my little girl when she was born!  It was a lot of work but I loved the way it turned out...so girly!

I didn't have a pattern...just drew up my own.  Each flower petal is sown on individually and then covered with the center/circle.  I clipped the petal edges and then washed the blanket to give it this look...a lot like I did with the rag quilt.  

The backing of the blanket is minky...I love the feel of it and so does my little girl.  (I wouldn't use it again because it bunches really bad...In the future I will use it for borders) I sewed a flower design around each daisy to hold the blanket together, it also helps the daisy pop out.  

My little girl with her blanket.

Here are a couple picture of them together with their blankets:
Thanks for looking and letting me share one of our traditions! 

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