10 items to entertain the children while traveling!

I’m taking my boys on their first ever airplane trip in a few weeks.  My husband is interviewing for graduate schools, so we will be on the plane and in the car for hours!  Here are 10 things we will be taking with us to help entertain the boys on the trip.
-cheap digital camera (my guy loves seeing pictures of himself).
-Blue Painters Tape (to mold sculptures, play find the tape, stick on things or maybe to cover a mouth or two….Don’t worry that last one’s a joke!)
-Home-made games like I spy with my little eye.
-Magnetic Drawing Board (this way we won’t worry about dropping crayons everywhere)
-My soon to be started and finished quiet book! I’ve got the layout all picked out and will be busy making it in the next week.  ; )
-Juice Boxes or Gum (to help ease ear pain) and other favorite treats.
-DVD Player, headphones & favorite DVD’s
-Mint tin full of magnets.  My toddler loves magnets!  Try placing stickers on the magnets and be prepared to lose a few.
-Educational Flash Cards (the kind that are bound together in the corner)
-No need to pack these ones, Cup of ice and straw from flight attendant.  Also I’m hoping to get a window seat so we can watch everything get smaller and bigger as we land and take off.  
I’m excited to give my little man lots of ATTENTION!

What do you do to keep your children entertained while traveling?


  1. Love this Holly! Great job!

    I will save this list when we take our kids traveling. I always end up not bringing enough or bringing to much. This list is perfect! Thanks again!

    PS--I featured you today! :)

  2. My kids also love seeing pictures of them. Every time we take any kind of picture, they need to see it right away. That is a great idea to take the camera and it is a bonus because you get memories of the trip. A DVD player is also a great idea. I bring my laptop with me to entertain the kids. They can play games, I can put on a movie, or I put on DISH Online for them. I learned about the site from a co-worker at DISH. You can watch several shows on there free and they have tons of cartoons on there. Some of the cartoons the kids have never seen, so they love it! Last trip we went on the kids were so quiet and entertained with this website.

  3. Racheal2/27/2012

    My boys and I took a road trip last summer, 12 hours in a car was a long drive. Our favorite thing to play with were pipe cleaners, they played with them for hours. They could make all sorts of fun things and rearrange when they wanted to make something else, I even received some gorgeous flowers. Snacks I can't say how this saved us, we have several food allergies and can't eat at a restaurant so I had to bring all our own food. I put all the snacks in snack size serving bags, that way if something is dropped it's only a small amount as well as they are only snacking right. The snack bag was fair game the whole trip all of it was Mom approved snacks, this kept them happy and Mom sane because they were never hungry. I of course had "special" snacks that I only had access to, to give to the boys when they were especially well behaved. My husband thought I was crazy to spend that much time ALONE in the car with the kids with no back up, but we had a great trip and we are looking forward to another trip this summer.

  4. I traveled internationally with my toddler a few times - well, he has been to more than 20 airplanes before the age of 3. I wrote up a blogpost a while back from one of our trips that was 36 hour travel. I hope it will be helpful to some of you moms.




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