Fun with Masking Tape

Holly and I are both Dental Hygienists but spend most of our time at home as moms.  Occasionally, we pick up a day of work here or there and help each other out by watching each others kids.  Last week I watched both of Holly's kids for the day.  Holly's oldest and my oldest are best friends but get acting a little to much like brothers when they are together all day so I decided to break the day up with different activities.  We pulled out a roll of masking tape...they had a ton of fun helping me!

First, we set out my little boy's 3 favorite toys (his barn, car set, and zoo) then we built roads to each of the different toys.  I let them help rip the tape and put it on the carpet...they felt so big helping.  We had lots of fun playing too.  Here are a few pictures:

We also put together a game of hopscotch using the tape from the roads.  They had no idea what this was until I showed them and even then had more fun running to stand on the number I called out then playing hopscotch...I guess this was more of a my generations thing:)


  1. I did hopscotch on our back patio this summer... I think it's a girl thing... L was SO into it, C, not so much. Probably a coordination/age thing, too, she loved being able to prove that she could hop on one foot and count.

  2. I love this! I think my girls would go nuts with the hopscotch thing. Thanks such great ideas! Keep it coming! :)

  3. Love this! I have seen this before, but I like how you connected the roads to different "stations". Great for a rainy, or snowy, day!

  4. Here from Family Ever After and glad to have found you! I put your button in my "Fav Recent Finds" spot in my sidebar! :) Have an awesome Sunday!

  5. What a great idea! I just stopped over after reading your post at Family Ever After and am now following your blog. You've got some really great ideas. I have a busy two year old boy, so I'm going to have to try some of these out. :-)



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