Our two toddlers had a blast! These two are best buds, they probably feel more like brothers than cousins! Here they are having a little "Bob the Builder" night together!  They loved wearing matching PJ's, taking turns with the hard hat and bob and being complete BOYS! ; )

Our boys love to BUILD FORTS!!!

We also played with BUILDING BLOCKS! 

Here is a Tractor Tutorial if you would like to try BUILDING something fun together! ; )

We got daddy's gear and headed outside for some pictures....

Then we went on a walk and talked about all the building while wearing a hard hat!! ; ) I'm pretty sure the neighbors think we are nuts!

For our snack this week we built with pretzels and marshmallows, EASY and YUMMY!  If you haven't tried   Home-made Edible Play-doe you could give that a try too!

Enjoy and have fun building together!

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