Mommy Moments on my Mind!

There are a few moments that I have experienced as a mother that make all of the hard times worth it.  Yes, sometimes these moments are just that….very short lived moments but I LOVE them!
  • that when my child gets hurt, Mommy’s kiss and snuggle will ALWAYS make it better!
  • it when my child lays his head against my chest and I can tell they feel totally content and secure.
  • Hugs, Cuddles, Loves and Kisses that come most of the time for no reason at all.
  • that no matter how my voice sounds while singing  or how silly I look when dancing my child things I’m AMAZING!
  • how my two year old calls me his “ very best friend” at least daily!
  • that even when I feel I have been unfair or too hard on my children they are so quick to forgive and love me anyway!
  • the way I feel when I have spent quality time with my child doing an activity that they picked.
  • it when my child learns something new and I can see them apply it in life!
  • Watching my children play nicely.  I LOVE it when my 2 year old makes my 6 month old laugh.  It brings my heart JOY!
  • I love smiling faces that greet me every single morning, It’s nice to know they are happy to see me! ; )
What are some of the Mommy Moments that you Love?

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