Organizing Embroidery Thread

 I took on the task of organizing my craft closet/area this past month.  The more I organize the more I realize needs to be organized. I organized my embroidery thread with these simple bags and 1 large ring.
I love this because it makes it simple to find colors when I need them!

Here is what I did:
1- Hole punch holes into each end of the bag (ends without the ziplock)
2- Put 1 color in each bag and label it (Each color should have a number by it...I labeled with number)

 3- Put bags in order from smallest to greatest then put on Large Ring)

I also got 2 small rings to move the colors I need for a project onto. When I am done I put them back on the big ring and clip the small rings to the big ring so I will have them for my next project.

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