Fun Gift Idea for the One You Love

This is a fun gift idea I put together for my husbands birthday.  It could be used for any occasion such as Valentine's Day, Father's Day, an Anniversary gift, or just as an everyday love note.

Here is what the final gift looks like all folded up: (If you use less candy bars it won't be so bulky...this worked fine though, I just sat it on my husbands desk.)

Here is what it looks like once it's all opened up:

What you will need:
Printables (download below)
Candy Bars (or just 3 favorites from the list below)

Candy Bars
100 Grand
Babe Ruth
Kit Kat
Milky Way
3 Musketeer's
Reese's Pieces

1- Print Candy Bar Printables (simply click on this link)
2- Cut printable into individual tags
3- Glue envelopes together so they look like the picture below. (You will be gluing an envelope top to the bottom of a separate envelope. Keep all of the envelope openings/pockets on the same side.)
4- Glue tags just below envelope opening/pockets.
Here is a closer look:
5- Allow the glue a couple minutes to dry then fold the envelopes together to make sure they fold well. (The top envelope will fold over the last/bottom envelope)
 6- Glue the Birthday Greeting to the front of the envelope. If you are doing this for another occasion simply write your own greeting on the front. (This greeting won't be seen when the envelopes are all opened up only when it's folded up.)
7- Last, stuff each envelope pocket with the candy bar that goes with the tag.
Here is a closer look at each envelope:

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If you don't love the envelope idea, you could also use these tags as simple tags with individual candy bars.

You can find a whole separate post on using these printables individually here.

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  1. That was awesome- just a note, the 3 musketeers label has "your" spelled wrong it should be "you're".

  2. Yeah...thanks. I will get that fixed.

  3. Anonymous1/17/2013

    Love the way you did this.




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