30 Minute Thursdays

What is 30 minute Thursdays?

30 Minute Thursdays is my way of spending quality time with my two sweet boys!  Sometimes as a mother I find it hard to spend quality time WITH my children!  As mother's each of us have so many responsibilities.  At times it can be difficult to focus completely on our children without thinking about the laundry, bills, cooking, hobbies, house, work, etc.  30 Minute Thursdays is my way of spending quality time WITH my two favorite boys without any other distractions.  Not only will blogging keep me accountable, it will help me to share these precious moments with others and hopefully get a few ideas from others! ; )

Each Thursday I will post the activity that I did with my children and include a picture or two.  The pictures will not be perfect.  I want my focus to be on being with my child rather than capturing the perfect photo of my children.  Some of the activities will be very unique and well planned out and others will be spontaneous and ordinary.  Feel free to follow a long and share your ideas with me! ; )  Check back each Thursday to see how I have spent quality time with my boys and get some ideas on how to spend quality time with your own children!

Week 1: Fun with Food Coloring!
Week 2: Glow Stick Fun for the Kids!
Week 3: Play in the Snow
Week 4: Finger Paint
Week 5: Blanket or Laundry Basket Rides
Week 6: Check out a New Store
Week 7: Coin Spin and Learn


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  1. Can't wait to see your ideas. I'll be looking forward to your 30 Minute Thursday posts!
    Granny Goes to School



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